Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continues

                        Past perfect

1. After we (eat)  at the cafeteria, we (go) to the zoo.
2. Pat (watch) TV after she (finish)her homework.
3. When I arrived to the car park, I (find out)  that my car (disappear)
4.The children were amazed because they (see/never)a bear before.
5. By the time the film (end)  Sonia (eat)  a lot of popcorn.
6. We (have) the car for ten years before it (break)  down.
7. She (understand)  the film she saw yesterdaybecause she (read)  the book.


                       Past perfect

1. Before she arrived at the airport, the plane (already take off).

2. He left for London yesterday after he (have got) his passport.
3. Last week, after I  (sell) my old car, I bought a new one.
4. She went to bed after she (put out) the light.
5. Last night the thieves (run) away before the police arrived.
6. The farmer returned to his village after he (sell) his fruit yesterday.
7. I arrived at the cinema after the film (start).
8. (Already /they/ finish) their dinner when you arrived to join them?9. It (already / stop) raining by the time I bought my umbrella.
10. The whole house (already / burn) down by the time the firemen arrived.

                        Past perfect

1. He  (eat) too much.
2.  (you ever see) that film before ?
3. She  (live) there for 20 years.
4. We  (not meet) Frank since his victory.
5. What  (I do) ?
6.  (Martin tell) you anything about it ?
7. Peter  (leave) the party without his umbrella.
8. They  (not have) such a good time in years.
9. If you  (listen) to him, none of this would have happened.
10. The teacher  (never be) with such fantastic pupils before.


     Past perfect simple or continuous

1. When I arrived at the station the train  (leave).
2. He  (play) tennis for 4 hours when he broke his leg.
3. The dog came into the house once she  (finish) the housework.
4. He  (drive) his car for 10 minutes when he realized it had a flat tyre.
5. She  (throw) the letter away when she noticed it was important.
6. He  (swim) for 15 minutes when he understood he had lost his swimsuit.
7. When he saw her he knew he  (meet) her before.
8. When he phoned her she  (go) out.
9. It  (rain) for one hour when the wind started to blow.
10. He rushed to the baker’s when he saw his wife (forget) to buy some bread.


Past perfect simple and continuous

1. Peter told me he  (already/pay) the bill.
2. Brian believed that John (to move)to London.
3. When Ron arrived, the party (already/begin).
4. Sarah was exhausted.She(wash) the dishes for more than three hours.
5. The children (already/go) to bed when their mother came from work.
6. It was my first flight ; I (never/ travel) by plane before.
7. My wife didn’t watch the film with me because she (already/to see) it.


Past perfect simple, past perfect continuous

1. He (marry)  her two years before we met.
2. I (want / always)  to travel that’s why I was delighted to go abroad with them.
3. She was no stranger to him. They (be introduced)  to each other a few days before.
4. We (stay)  there since 1980, you know.
5. I (stay / never)  in London before. How expensive hotels are !
6. Did I tell you that when I saw you, I realised that we (meet / already)  ?
7. James told me you (buy)  the old vicarage two years before your son’s birth.
8. I wish we (buy)  it before.