Why Every student Should Experience Visiting a Farm?


Why Should Every Student Experience Visiting a Farm at Least Once?

An interview taken by Davit Apitonyan, a fifth grader of the Northern School, from his English teacher Haykuhi Hovhannisyan.

  • Why should every student, at least once, visit the educational farm?


– Visiting farms gives students educational experiences away from their regular school environment.

Growing up in an urban environment, there’s one thing you should know – children are missing out a real live farm with animals. Students should know where exactly their food comes from. It’s a lesson itself. They will see the hard work and effort that goes into planning, growing and harvesting crops as well as raising and caring for livestock. So, understanding the farming process can help students to be grateful for their food.

  • What do students learn when they visit farms?

-Visiting farms is a great way to gain responsibilities.  Feeding animals and watering, cleaning and grooming (the practice of brushing and cleaning the coat of a horse), are daily tasks that farmers do. This allows students to learn the skills necessary to care for other living beings. This responsibility can be transferred to other areas of their lives including classroom activities and social interaction with others.

Visiting a farm can be a great fun and very different from living in the city.

  • What do they do on the farm every day?

– They take care of the animals, feed them, brush the horses, water the plants, ride a horse, and swim in the swimming-pool.  On our educational farm, we have a tonir where students bake lavash. As you know, it is Armenians’ traditional bread. This thin and soft flatbread looks similar to a Mexican tortilla.

  • Can the students of other schools visit our educational farm?

Of course, they can.


  • Can families visit the farm?

Yes, they can, but after classes. It means at 5 pm or on Sundays.

Spending time together with parents and children is both a learning process and a fun.


  • So, what would you like to say to the teachers working in other schools?

Dear teachers, if you want your students to experience a visit to a farm and if you are searching for a farm in the city,  where you can let your students enjoy and experience farm activities, contact Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational complex via phone (+374) 74 72 46

  • What other benefits can they have visiting our educational farm?

Learning from live experiences seem to be more effective and pleasant than from textbooks. Besides,
they can have memorable learning adventure and make friends with sebastatsies.

  • Thank you for your interview!

-Thank you for your questions, dear Davit.


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